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TrackMee is the one of the best TranSync AIS 140 GPS Tracker designed for Advance Certified GPS tracking system in Pune specially invented for school buses and corporate vehicles with the new technologies and equipment which makes the tracking of any type of vehicle quite easy. Our TrackMee team will help you with the best possible way by providing tracking details with all records

TrackMee Application

What is AIS 140?

In order to increase and ensure the efficiency of the transport system the government of India as designed an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard -140. The ITS is globally proven to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure to the best of its capacity. This helps in improving the transportation system in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort and safety. AIS 140 is not being implemented across the country.

Our Solutions

For School

We are providing the TrackMee android application to parents for live tracking of their children’s school bus. TrackMee has exclusive features for parents and tracking management team. With our application one can quickly monitor the school bus.

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For Corporate

TrackMee application has a corporate tracking solution with all features to track employees while traveling through the company’s cabs or corporate buses. We are providing Tracking system to organizations for tracking the details of all employees to ensure safety of employees

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For Personal Use

We also provide tracking system for personal purpose. The device will allow you to track your children and loved ones through the TrackMee mobile application. We can take care of our children and family when they are away from us.

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Why Us

Why Gps Tracking

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Advantages Of GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Control Fuel Cost

Our Vehicle tracking System monitors vehicle speed. This permits you to research your driver’s behavior and take the suitable actions to scale back fuel usage.

Monitor Speeding on Most Roads

TrackMee gives you exact estimate arrival times, which improve your benefit. It help to control speed which leads to stay safe,avoid accidents

Reduce Waiting Time

TrackMee will decrease your waiting time because it continuously notifies you through SMS about actual times, traffic and exact location of the child or employees

Real Time Alerts

We can see the live location of vehicles, traffic,speed. We provide dashboard for all details of real time information


We have custom made RFID tracking device with panic button. It take care of female’s and child’s safety during dark hours, It wills sets the standard during travel through the cab or bus

Safe Drop Confirmation

TrackMee application automatically sends SMS to parents just after drop of children or employees to seek confirmation of their safe drop through the system.

How TrackMee Helps ?

Managing the vehicles tracking and ensuring the safety of kids and employees is a big challenge for us. We provides solutions in ensuring transportation safety and decreases anxiety regarding safety of all.

The information about Location of school bus, weather conditions,traffic,speed, navigation and emergency situation immediately receive to school and their parents. It also helps for personal purpose and corporate use for employees safety.
We providing our tracking system with CRM for students so we have easy conversations with each students through the CRM. We are providing school and institute panel, parent application and admin application for schools vehicle tracking and for company’s vehicle tracking, we are providing organization panel, employees application and organization application.

1.  Convenient and has greater control over technology
2. Streamline school bus routing and scheduling
3. Real-time GPS tracking from anywhere
4. school authorities and parents has no burden of students.
5. Receive quick notifications and SMS Alerts
6. Keep drivers attention on the road.
7. Create and get reports with accurate details.
8. Decreases fuel costs and overall school buses expenses
9. Provide real time information on time through TrackMee application

Our Clients

In Their Words....

…the reality is, with TrackMee the results have beyond to my expectations. I highly suggest TrackMee to all my partners and transportation companies and other institutes too..

Vidya Internation School
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