CBSE made speed governors, GPS must for school buses

Center Board Of Education has made the compulsory GPS tracking installed in the school buses from mid of 2017. It will track the location of school buses. To ensure the security of children the decision has made.

The cbse Board stated that the management and the head of the school will be responsible for any crime which could lead to disadvantage. The Board has made speed governors with 40 km per hour, GPS and CCTV mandatory for school buses

Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) will have to approve GPS , as per the latest guideline issued by the CBSE.

In 2016, around 21 were injured and 1 was found dead in bus accidents registered with the traffic police .Therefore, all CBSE schools have been demanded to submit an annual safety transport system report approved by the traffic police.

TThe exact location of the buses will be tracked through the GPS, which will, in turn put the bus journey under the school administration’s scrutiny.


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