Trackmee- AIS Certified GPS TRACKER

Our flagship product TranSync AIS 140 GPS Tracker is a robust but compact ARAI Certified and AIS 140 compliant vehicle tracker designed for Advance tracking and monitoring of assets. It also features offline data saving and tampering alerts. Its low-cost features imply large scale deployment and volume-based management reporting.

AIS-140 Covers The Following Points

  • In vehicle manual electronic ticketing
  • In vehicle automated ticketing (Smart card based)
  • Safety and Security
  • Emergency Request
  • In vehicle video surveillance and recording
  • Reservations management
  • Passenger Information
  • In-vehicle (Location based announcements)
  • Outside vehicle (at bus stops/depots)
  • On demand Information (via Personal Computing Devices)

Functional & Package Specifications

Power Supply

+8V to +40V

Tracking Mode

< 30mA / +12V

Operation Temperature

-15 °C - +65 °C


2 Digital Inputs & 1 Digital Output


500mA with 4 Hours Battery Backup


12 months


IP66, IP67, -10C to +65C, 95%RH at 40C

Offline Data

Upto 7days


Power down, Speed