School Bus GPS Tracking System

Auto Allocation

Manage Your School Vehicles For Routes Optimization !

If right capacity school buses and vans are not assigned to each particular school bus route then the auto allocation feature will help you find it out with the help of its advanced ‘Smart Allocation’ algorithm technique


  • On the residential address of students, assign the pickup point on that location.
  • Performs all the steps of auto routing.
  • If there occurs any issue, redo the auto routing process
  • TrackMee system automatically done assignments of vehicles, routes, pickup points, etc. based on the location address and trip.
  • Allow transport to plan routes, irrespective of the number of students and pickups.
  • Trackmee has auto routing feature after start the trip
  • TrackMee system can shows pick up location on the Google Map accurate and quickly
  • Based on the system's past data of tracking, It will optimize the pickup point as shortest distance for next trip
  • TrackMee system does not require detail information. Only the student or employees address will enough for tracking .
  • Printout facility will be given and it acts as reference for existing transportation system.
  • We provides auto allocation free trials for schools or organizations, before subscribing to the TrackMee system.
  • Schools can employ the auto allocation feature as the first step to scheduling their transportation, no matter they are subscribed member of TrackMee system or not.