Auto Routing

School Bus or cabs routing has to face many different challenges like decreasing fuel cost, selecting the accurate route, optimizing the routes, balancing the weight of the bus, limiting the travel time. TrackMee uses Auto Routing technique to solve all these issues of vehicle tracking system automatically.


  • Based on intelligent in-house developed algorithm.
  • Based on Vehicle shifts, pick up and drop up point density, and vehicle load balancing.
  • Verification and approval of the exact route.
  • Save vehicle fuel costs and vehicle time hours.
  • Automatic notification of shortest route, trips, vehicle assignments, etc.
  • Make sure existing school bus routes before the trip start
  • Optimization of vehicle use, vehicle durability, running timing, and distance of traveling .
  • Requires information such as route, pick up locations, trips, vehicle details and seating capacity, vehicle assignments, and student information from the current transportation or parent registration data.