Frequently Asked Questions

What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking refers to tracking the position of an asset, person or vehicle using devices that use Global Positioning System (GPS) and to record the position at regular intervals. It is achieved with the help of GPS satellites and is mainly used for security purposes. GPS tracking addresses safety concerns and hence, can be used in schools to track the location of school buses. The School Bus Tracker by TrackMee provides a GPS tracking system which ensures the safety of students during their journey to school and way back home while it helps parents or school authorities to easily track the school bus.

What are the benefits of using GPS tracking system?

GPS tracking system has the following benefits:

Addresses safety concerns
Minimize Fuel Costs
Theft recovery
Low operational costs
Increase in productivity

Will GPS tracking system invade students’ privacy?

No. Only the locations of the students are tracked using GPS tracking system. Each and every movements of the students are not monitored 24/7.

How do I get the notifications?

You get the notifications regarding the school bus location in the form of SMS, Android push notifications in your phone.

Will the notifications that I’ll receive be real-time?

Yes. The notifications you will receive regarding the location of the school bus will be real time.

Is it necessary to have a smart phone to receive notifications?

Smart phone is not necessary for you to receive notifications. You can get notifications in the form of SMS as well.

Is an Internet connection necessary to get the notifications?

It is not necessary for you to have an Internet connection for receiving the notification. You can get them via SMS as well.

Are there any additional costs to be paid to receive notifications on a daily basis?

No. There are no extra charges for receiving notifications. All you have to pay is for purchasing the GPS school bus tracking system.

How can I contact the school bus driver while in transit?

You can contact the school bus driver using the GPS school bus tracking system mobile application where current route driver and its information available, when you feel something abnormal.

What shall i do if I’m not seeing correct school bus information?

This may be due to the mismatch assignment by admin in the

1.Route of School bus association

2.Wrong route/stop assigned to your child

Please contact your transport department/admin and get it resolved.

What may be the issue if bus showing old or delayed information?

This may be poor network connection in your area or school bus is stopped where network connection is not available.

Please restart your internet connection or try restarting application.

If problem still persists then write us at

Please provide UserName, School Name and Bus details while writing to us.

What are the different legends of Bus icon?

Bus has stopped.

Bus is moving.

GPS signal strength

Can the GPS school vehicle tracking system ensure safety of students?

The GPS school vehicle tracking system sends you real-time notifications regarding school bus locations. You also get to know in case of bus delays, over speeding, unscheduled bus stops etc. thus addressing all safety concerns of students.

Will the GPS school vehicle tracking system notify me in case of over speeding or deviation in school bus route?

Yes. GPS vehicle tracking system aims at providing safety to students to the fullest. Therefore, if you are a parent or a school authority, you will surely get notified in case of any abnormalities.

How can I get my child’s school to use the GPS tracking system?

Contact us at to know more about GPS school vehicle tracking system. You can then meet the responsible school authority (principal, school admin or transport-in-charge) and convince them to use GPS school vehicle tracking system, while making them understand how the system can benefit your child’s school.

Will the data such as contact information remain safe with GPS tracking system?

All the data which includes a student’s contact information will always be safe with GPS tracking system.

Is the GPS tracking system integrated with a map or should we install separate mapping software?

The GPS tracking system is integrated with Google maps where you can trace the location of the school bus. You need not install separate mapping software. All the data which includes a student’s contact information will always be safe with GPS tracking system.

Is GPS tracking system easy to install?

The installation of GPS vehicle tracking system is easy. In case the customer needs assistance in installing it, we shall provide detailed instructions so you mechanic can install properly.

Should we schedule the school bus routes in the School Bus Tracker?

Admin/Transport Department can automatically schedule the school bus routes using School Bus Tracker and make changes wherever necessary.

Is routing and scheduling done through School Bus Tracker 100% error-free?

Automatic routing and planning is possible using School Bus Tracker and is meant to be accurate unless something goes wrong with the system or manual error done by admin.