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STX- TrackMee

Tracking Device

We can provide solutions for get location of vehicles like car fleets, bus fleets, motor cycle fleets, service and delivery vehicle fleets. The STX is an advanced GPS tracker and is mostly used for vehicle tracking and vehicle management . The STX is easy to installed, once done it will capture driver’s nature and will report driving crime as they occur suddenly. Violations include acceleration, lane shift, sudden break and sharp turns, female violation. In addition, the STX is connected to the vehicle to read and notify the engine diagnostics data. Additionally, external temperature sensors can be wired to the STX to monitor the temperature.

Panic Button

Our system uses the Panic  button which must-have feature for every tracking device as it could save lives. The user allow to press this button when in distress.

Pressing the SOS button is same as to alerting the authorities or user’s chosen individual of the device’s current location. This feature is very helpful in emergency situations. SOS button in GPS tracker has the same purpose, to send alert and ask for help when required.

 TrackMee tracker’s panic button, for instance, needs to be pressed for about 5 seconds to activated. Once alert is activated, the authorities or certain individuals who are chosen by the user will receive an alert message through text or e-mail containing the user’s exact location including directions.