A Helping Hand For Parents

The parent application of TrackMee has everything to make parents feel safe and happy. Our school bus tracking app for parents is a easiest way of getting real-time alerts and SMS, making school bus fee payments and many more.


School Bus Attendance

School bus attendance has taken three times a day. If student is absent in bus then they will get know quickly. Parents can also view attendance of students without contacting the management authorities

View Scheduled Route

Parents can check the route of the bus, which driver will follow, If the driver changes the route of school bus then parents get knows immediately.

Know Real-time Location

From the TrackMee app, Parents can get to know the real time location of children so if they want to pick up the child from stop then they will, in accurate time

Receive Real-time Notifications

Parents are able to receive push notifications for unscheduled stops, attendance, over speeding, etc. With these notifications, they are able to get a detailed account of the school bus journey.

Single App For A Single Home

If the siblings are studying in the same school, then parents can get only one app for home

Pick-up Point Reassignment

Parents can easily update the new pick up point when required