School Bus GPS Tracking System with 'TrackMee School Bus App' and 'CRM'

Make your school transport system more profitable, safe and parent friendly

How TrackMee Helps Schools

Trackmee App provide School bus safety through by keeping Eye on vehicle. It ensure that school buses services are protected, convenient and reliable to the parents and their students. It is also reduces losses of school through optimized fleet operations. Trackmee technology enables the school transportation system to increase safety quotient and move it to next level by increasing efficiency and disciplined in driver nature. It is a one stop solution for live GPS School Bus tracking, Bus Route management, Automated SMS system, Handling Emergency, student attendance and more.

School Bus GPS Tracking System
We Are Providing Tracking System for School Specially

We providing our tracking system with CRM For students so we have easy conversations with each students through the CRM. It will give you chances of being chosen by being available to them at all times.

Why Tracking is important for your school bus.


Now a days, avoiding any type of accident with the children has become an important for both the parents and school management team. With our TrackMee solution one can easily monitor the school bus including with the students.

Reduce Cost

Tracking brings accountability, which enhances driver conduct, It decreases work costs   (lateness,billing)  and retains revenue otherwise lost to side-jobs. At the point when vehicles are not  utilized off-hours fuel costs diminish


With Eye of Trackmee on drivers leads to more punctual in their jobs(Starting and Completing trip On-Time). Updated information of our vehicles like Where and How long.  Vehicle tracking provides accuracy and updation of work.


Convert your conventional transportation benefit into a cutting edge. The schools implementing such technologies are preferred by parents for giving such reliable and safe services. It reflects technically sound and modern and digital nature of the institution.


Maintain the regularity of preventative maintenance with Trackmee GPS tracking on vehicles. Get the Scheduled in advance when the servicing is due, what is limit downtime , which empowering adequate time to plan substitute transports


“Trackmee” school bus tracking system beneficiary for us in both aspects;business as well as environment.It reduces unreasonable sitting and unnecessary vehicle usage which leads it to reducing fuel investment and carbon emissions. Fuel consumptions reduces by 15% per vehicle which directly increase the profits by 15%.

Two Factor Attendance For School

Two-factor attendance is a unique feature exclusively available in our TrackMee application. It is an advanced form of child safety as it records the attendance of a student quickly and gives moment alarms to crisis and incidents.


Step 1 : Parent confirms that the child left for school using parent application

Step 2 : Transport committee confirms that the child reached the school safely by using transport manager application

Step 3 : Parents get the SMS that child reached the school safely by using parent application

Step 4 : When school hours completed and the transport committee confirms the child has reached the school bus through
transport manager app

Step 5 :Parents confirm that their child reached home safely through parent application

Step 6: Trip completed successfully and the notification is sent to all the app users


Quick View & Control

Entire School Transport Management and overall all diverse aspects and process of School Bus transpotation can easilly Manage from portal.

Smart Routing

Find the best routes with the help of highly advanced algorithms techniques and mapping system for efficient school bus routing any time.


"Trackmee" Portal intimate school management through Notification and SMS regarding the different aspects of vehicle time to time.

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