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Trackmee system is easy software to use. It is been designed by best engineers and creative designers, providing you a great blend of technology.
By using TrackMee we can monitor vehicles fleet, individual vehicles, get SMS / alerts, create geographical markers,geofences and more in very innovative manners. You don’t learn or master this software, you just enjoy.


TrackMee  has a very editable architecture. TrackMee has developed based on practical scenarios. Customer plays very important role in TrackMee while developing this software. Because of this architecture, we can expand the features and developed application as per our needs . TrackMee is simple and easy to use.

Cloud based.

We are following approach of Software as a Service(SaaS), It is beneficial too. so we are using our software on cloud. It gives us Ease of Implementations, Updates, Alerts, Attendance Reports, Total Lower Cost, Green Fleets and many more, So software can be accessible from anywhere, offering you flexibility for fleet management. Cloud based is trend now a days and really beneficial too.

Rock solid database.

We are committed to make sure that we can use vehicle tracking solutions with minimum difficulties in services. That means you have no burden that comes from our data security and uncompromising reliability. We save your data at many locations safely so you can access long past data from our database.

Trackmee Dashboard screen

Experience simplicity right from the beginning

We have simplified the user interaction many folds. Hence, we manage minimum data security even without the username. Just enter your secret code and proceed.

Application Dashboard

Every business has its own way of managing it’s vehicles. We design and develop applications as per your requirements aligned with your present management practices. This enables maximum utilization of our software for all customers. We have arrange all the applications for your easy access at our single dashboard.

Tracker App

To see where our vehicle now, particular time, on a particular day we are giving access in dashboard. It includes distance traveled for selected date and time, vehicle controls, Geo-fences, Replay vehicle activities with VCR-like controls: Play, Fast-forward, Rewind. By using this dashboard you can easily catch up the vehicle tracking with all details

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