TrackMee application is used for personal tracking also. The device is small in size so, We can carry with in a bag or kept in the pocket. We can use it for children, teenagers, womens and elders safety . This tracking device maintain tracks of your child/valuables quickly as well as provides many up-to-date features. Trackmee GPS tracking device keeps your loved ones as well as valuables safe!



Your kid’s is now safe by using trackmee Personal tracking device . wherever they are, Whether on the road, in the school, in the school bus, or playing in the park.


Now women can avoid risk of Stalking, Bullying or any other form of violence by using trackmee device. You can carry this device with you at all times, like in cabs,buses or even in your car!


Now You can ensure your family’ safety at all times, wherever they are ! We can get live updates of them even their vacation or while you are away from family ! Now worry less and smile more.

Personal Vehicles

1.If we use trackmee for personal cars,then there is no chances of vehicle stolen.
2.It will Highlight the security requirements.
3. We can easily find the stolen vehicle.
4. The tracking system is flexible and provides on time response

Official Vehicles

TrackMee device also use for official cabs or office cars .It gives us live updates of records so we can manage time, we can see live location, speed and direction of cabs