Employee tracking

Welcome to the Future of Employee Transportation

Trackmee employee app offers convenience and safety to the employees. It will be a great value-added offering to IT/ITES companies. The Trackmee application raise the alarm in the panic situation is the best feature of application

Employees can real time track the vehicles records and view Driver/Vehicle details along with photos to board the correct cabs/buses before each pick up and drop up

Trackmee application is especially designed to assist in the complicated task of organizing employee shifts with a complete suite including of web and android application.

Trackmee eliminate any confusion around working hours and obtain clear acknowledgement from employees by efficiently sending pick – up/drop notifications directly to their mobile phone. This would take it to the next level in Employee Transportation. Finally resulting in a quantifiable decrease in the time and cost of employee transportation, quickly translates to an increase in profits. 



View Trip Details

You can see the route taken for the trip and also confirm your pick up and drop up locations.

Track vehicles

Trackmee comes with the dashboard that effectively tracks both the vehicle live location status and events during commute.

SMS Notification

Trackmee app send the SMS alert including all record details to everyone like employee, driver and authorities team

Know When The Bus Arrives

Employee will get know where and when their cabs will arrives using trackmee’s real-time notifications .

Pickup/Drop up Details

Drivers can check the list of employees to be picked / dropped along with pickup/drop locations.


Trackmee app comes with navigations which helps drivers to give the directions about the pickup /drop points

Passenger Safety

To ensure the passenger’s safety during night time, all we need is TrackMee App. We can view the live location of vehicles when it’s moving. when it crossed the speed limit or geofence, we can get notification instantly. We can keep eyes behind drivers behavior using TrackMee for the safe trip

Reduce Cost

TrackMee gives us complete information on the total distance travelled, engine on time, excessive idling etc.we can save fuelcost by using complete route planning and information. With all the useful aspects of TrackMee, we will save on the manpower cost that would have been otherwise required.

Greener Fleet

TrackMee will also help you go green. TrackMee provides you detailed information on excessive idling. You can then inform your drivers to reduce idling. Trackmee saves fuel and manpower cost resulting in green fleets. TrackMee goes a long way in reducing fuel consumption .